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Introduction to the valve industry development cause and the future development prospect

Now machinery industry development is more and more quickly, as the valve in the industry is no exception, as we all know is an important branch of our general machinery valve industry. The key to its products as a fluid control equipment widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power industry, urban construction, environmental protection, etc. At present, the valve manufacturing industry is in a very good development opportunity. The why, the following introduction to cause of valve development and future development prospect. This is because:

Seize the strategic opportunity WTO

With joining the WTO, international trade barriers to reduce the adjustment of product structure and the developed countries, China is becoming the world's largest processing plants of this trend, processed products produced in greater space for development. So how to seize the strategic opportunity, accelerate development of valve industry. The author thinks that to do a good job from the following several aspects:

1, actively promote joint reorganization among enterprises, as soon as possible to build a number of scale enterprise group of high quality. Valve industry is about more than 5000 production enterprises, annual sales income of more than 50 million only seven, more than a $3, 200 million yuan of above in an enterprise. Nuclear Sue valve in the domestic market share is only a company of more than 2% were below 1%. The enterprise scale is difficult to produce shock force in the market, with the international well-known enterprise competition is more difficult in the same industry. To change this situation as soon as possible, in addition to their own growth factors, the most effective way is through the joint between enterprises, mergers and restructuring to achieve the capital expansion of the enterprise so as to further expand the market share, an impregnable position in the competition.

Which is more popular in today's international economic field, the valve industry in the next period of the development of the directional issue. On this issue to emancipate the mind, according to the 16th national congress put forward the "make new breakthroughs in reform, with new ideas for development," the requirements of break the region boundary, break the ownership boundaries, breaking the traditional division of professional boundaries. As long as there is the possibility of joint between enterprises can be bold to try to do, with 3? 5 years of time to make a number of output value of more than 500 million 1 billion yuan of enterprise group.

2, should attach great importance to the adjustment of product structure, technology innovation, research and development of high value-added products and international leading level. The valve industry in China is now can produce more than 10 categories of products. Such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, diaphragm valve, steam trap, emergency shut-off valve, etc., the highest temperature 570 ℃, the lowest - 196 ℃, the highest pressure 600 mpa, the diameter of 5350 mm diameter. Even though they strongly support the national economic construction, but should be clear that our products are mostly belongs to the general technical content or labor-intensive products, rarely has the international leading level.

Recent west-east gas mains tender, we lost all valve business is a regrettable fact. From these mistakes. Valve industry to revitalize national industry to develop it must implement technology innovation, adjust product structure, to research and development of high technical content, high labor value has the international leading level of valve products, such as control valve and automatic valve regulating valve, three-way merge kuo, tee diverter valve, relief valve; Metal hard seal all welded ball valve type, high parameter, large diameter valves; And supercritical plant C12? A alloy steel valves.